Saturday, May 31, 2008

Graduation weekend

Our high school graduation is tomorrow. Lots of kids holding graduation parties this weekend. I attended seven today. Two last night. I think five tomorrow. If that seems like a lot, you don't know me well enough. That's about half of what I usually get invited to. This year was a light year for invites. I was a bit surprised about that at first. I felt that I was really close to this particular class, but then when I thought about it, I realized I was extremely close to just a handful of kids in the class, and not so much to the others. In fact, I kind of wonder if some of the others resent my closeness with my drama/speech kids. Do I favor them a little bit? Not necessarily in terms of grades or anything, but I definitely spend more time with them.

Having fewer parties to go to today actually worked out well for me in a couple of ways. I drove a bit less than usual -- put on about 80 miles today. And I managed to arrange the timing so that I could spend longer with my special kids. I usually spend about half an hour at most at any graduation party; sometimes I'm in and out in about ten minutes. (In past years, I can remember going to upwards of 12 in a single day.) I spent nearly an hour and a half with one of my drama girls (see Odd Couple post below if you're curious) and about two hours at the home of another.


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