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Best of 2007 -- Comics

I read a lot of comics. Sometimes I think I'm the only thing keeping Jimmy Jams in business. But somehow trying to make a list of the best comics of 2007 was difficult. Partly I think comics have become kind of transitory for me lately. I remember storylines from month to month but I don't always remember details when my comics friends talk to me about them. Partly that's due -- I think -- to not having anyone to talk to comics about on a regular basis. Maybe it's that I read so many different titles. As I was looking through lists of comics I buy monthly, and looking through some actual comics from the past six months or so, I realized that I read -- and like -- a lot of stuff, but there's very little lately that makes a huge, lasting impression on me. That said, here's a couple of what I've found to be the best lately.

Best ongoing series: Justice Society of America. DC's ongoing tribute to the heroes of the '40s and the following generations. With a cast of literally dozens. As someone said in the latest issue, they're not so much a team as a society. Beautiful art by the vastly underrated Dale Eaglesham, too. Runners-up: Captain America. I've loved Ed Brubaker's work on this book since he began, though I do think it moves kinda slowly at times. But the book's been fascinating ever since they killed the title character. Catwoman. A hidden gem in the DC lineup. Runaways. Joss Whedon's picked up the ball left on the court by the always genius Brian Vaughan. Y: The Last Man. I'll be sad to see this one end next month.

Best new series: Scalped. Vertigo's crime drama set on a South Dakota Indian reservation. Gripping storylines and bad ass characters from the first issue on. Runners-up: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight. Joss Whedon's extension of his mythic and brilliant TV show. Criminal. Ed Brubaker's (the same names keep popping up) examination of the underside of society. Down, dirty, despicable, yet sympathetic characters.

Best mini-series: I couldn't find much for this, but I'm going to go with Countdown to Mystery. Only three issues published so far (out of eight), but the new Dr. Fate story is really cool.


Blogger Steve said...

I have been reading a lot more comics these days since there's a nice little independent shop about 300 yards from the office.

I agree with you on Captain America and Buffy. Other favorites include Moon Knight, Ennis' Punisher, Thor, Heroes for Hire, Absolute Power, and World War Hulk (as well as Incredible Hulk).

It was sad to see JMS's run on Amazing Spider-Man come to an end, especially with the anti-climax of the One More Day storyline. What the hell? The first issue with the new team didn't blow me away, but I'll give it a bit more time before I move on.

I'm more author-centric than I used to be. I'll buy most comics written by JMS or Joss Whedon, for example. Bendis is also doing some very cool stuff, though I feel too far behind the curve in the Ultimates universe to dive into all that.

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