Saturday, December 15, 2007

Still the One

Years ago, when I worked in various record stores, I had the opportunity to see lots of live music, many bands and artists on tour. I've seen literally hundreds of "concerts" if you define concerts to include shows in bars and places like First Avenue. Last night, in Mankato, I got to see someone perform live that I hadn't seen before, but often wanted to: John Hall, founder of the band Orleans in the 1970s. I own two Orleans albums (yes, on vinyl) and three of John Hall's "solo" albums. Last year, John Hall ran for and was elected to the U.S. Congress from upstate New York. The former rock musician is now a Congressman. Our local Congressman, Tim Walz, held an event at a pub in 'Kato where John Hall sat in with a local band for a few songs. He performed "Still the One" and "Dance With Me," Orleans' two big hits, and a number of cover versions. It was cool to see and hear him play, but even more of a thrill to meet the man and shake his hand. Walz introduced me to "Congressman Hall" and I was able to tell him that the No Nukes concert/album/movie that he helped organize (along with Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, and Bonnie Raitt) back in the late '70s was one of the things that really inspired me to get involved in politics in the first place. I'm not sure the two colleagues of mine who accompanied me (both young women in their 20s) understood the "coolness" factor of this event for me, but I really enjoyed it.


Blogger STOLTMAN said...

You buried the lead. Your post should have started "I went to a concert with two 20something girls."

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