Sidereal ramblings

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another month goes by

Well, nearly another month has passed since my last posting. I find it hard to explain how busy I can be at times. Saturdays are mostly taken up with speech tournaments this time of year. They are an all-day affair. Yesterday, for example, it was 12 hours from the time I got on the bus in the morning (after getting up at 5:30, an hour earlier than my weekly schedule) until getting off the bus at night. Our team has been doing okay -- not as well as I hoped we might be this year. Our subsection contest is coming up on April 1st. I've got 7 people who I think might make it beyond that level to sections. It might be all seven, it might be none of them. Then again, someone else on the team might surprise me. Speech can pretty much be a crapshoot at times.

School has been going well. Some days I think I'm barely staying ahead of my kids in the college lit class I'm teaching -- but I'm enjoying the class immensely. I hope to do more along those lines next year.

I'm also trying to ready a spring play. Not sure what it'll be yet. I, along with several of my regulars, have been reading a variety of options (I read three full-length plays this weekend, as well). I'm a bit concerned that spring sports are going to interfere a lot with people being able to show up for practices, which makes me think a small-cast play would be a good option. I, of course, need to get the play approved first, but would like to hold auditions early next week. So I suppose I should decide soon.

On April 2nd, I'll be heading off to Washington, D.C. for a week with our senior class from the high school. I've been on the trip twice before -- three and four years ago -- with varying degrees of enjoyment. This year looks to be a good one, I think. Lots of my drama kids are seniors this year, and that's the primary reason I wanted to go with them.