Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Four More

"La Fee Verte" by Delia Sherman is a long short story, set in France in the late 1800s that deals with prostitution and precognition among other things. Well written but ultimately forgettable.

"Father Muerte & the Flesh" by Lee Battersby is described as "one of a series of 'Father Muerte' stories, and I think it suffers for that, or maybe for the fact that I'm unfamiliar with the other ones. It's an interesting tale about the Pope Joan legend (which I find kind of fascinating) -- and even references, obliquely, Jack the Ripper -- but I have to wonder about some of the revelations concerning the main character, if this is only one of a series of stories about him.

Margo Lanagan's "Winkie" takes a creepy, nightmarish look at a childhood legend, though for me the storytelling wasn't clear enough.

I really enjoyed "Dog Person" by Scott Nicholson. This one told a clear, straightforward story. In fact, it was so straightforward that I was expecting some kind of twist ending, but the outcome of the story was pretty clear to me about halfway through. Still, I did really like the writing and the story that was told.

(I wrote an earlier version of this post, but lost my internet connection -- thank you, Acoustic Cafe -- just before I tired to publish it, and lost the whole post. Frustrating.)


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